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EmergentX seeks to bridge and connect Professionals Investors, Financial Institutions and Crypto-Native participants via a full suite of offerings in Research, Network and Events. 

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Digital Asset Insights

Explore EmergentX’s innovative insights and research spanning high-level industry trends, game changers and introductory primers. 

In blockchain, the only constant is change.  We understand It is not easy to keep abreast with the ever-changing opportunity sets.  We help you cut through the noise and get to the heart of the insights that matter.  Trending topics include smart contract networks, DeFi, GameFi, NFTs, metaverse etc.

Featured EmergentX Insights

The Haven of Bear Market – A Webinar about DeFi fixed-rate products

1 Principles of Fixed-Rate Since the 1960s, fixed-rate products have sprung up in the traditional financial market. A fixed-rate product is a financial derivative that remains at a constant rate during a loan or note period regardless to the market rate fluctuation...

Arweave: Reinventing data storage

Arweave: Reinventing data storage

The Arweave network connects users with extra storage space with those who require long-term data storage. The protocol provides users with unrivalled data permanence and protection, and financial incentives for those who store data, all without the involvement of an intermediary.

Digital Asset Community 

Our rapidly expanding community comprises stakeholders in the traditional finance and digital asset ecosystem, which include, but are not limited to, professional investors, digital asset service providers, early adopters, legal and individuals who are enthusiasts of the digital asset economy.   

By becoming a member, you will have access to our high-quality digital asset insights, the opportunity to interact with like-minded peers, participate in community events and contribute to the development of the digital asset opportunity.

Profile and interview

EmergentX is taking the lead to connect projects with community contributors for the decentralized protocol economy through features, interview and project profiling.

launching Emergentxplore profiling platform

The EmergentXplore platform is enabling the profiling of blockchain projects and matching with community resources and partnerships opportunities.

Currently in beta testing.


EmergentX hosts events for stakeholders in the digital asset ecosystem.  We welcome you to join our next event or co-host the next event.

About EmergentX

What’s Unique About Us?

The EmergentX Community exists to align the resources of those who are keen on the digital asset opportunity and from all backgrounds.  We connect with crypto-natives and stakeholders in traditional finance – whether investors, institutions, private wealth – to deliver insights, introductions and unique events to maximize engagement. 


We offer independent and objective digital asset analysis to bridge and empower professional investors, institutions and individuals in the transition to digital assets.  

Digital asset community

Members of our community share resources, experience and high-value introductions.  With our positive sum vision, our objective is to connect projects with strategic partners and facilitate mutually beneficial relationships with a view of maximizing the potential for success.


We curate events that feature the most salient trends, showcase a diverse range of projects and kickstart meaningful conversations.  The events are targeted to our community in traditional finance and crypto-native circles.  

Our Experts

EmergentX’s core and advisor team has over two decades of combined experience in investment research and blockchain projects. 

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