Cybersecurity Outlook in 2022

Written by EmergentX Insights team

February 25, 2022 | 1 Min

  • Cybersecurity is increasingly critical in the digital asset space which has become
    easy targets for cyber attackers.
  • Reliance on private keys and centralization of some digital asset exchanges
    become the vulnerabilities that expose digital assets to cyber-attack risks.
  • In the future, the emergence of innovations in cybersecurity solutions help protect
    stakeholders from the cyber-attacks and avoid potential loss.

Core thesis

Cybersecurity is the means of protecting networks and data from cyberattacks through
practices of ensuring confidentiality and integrity of information.

The phenomenal growth of the digital asset space has made projects and chains easy
targets for cyber attackers. The sector’s reliance on private keys and certain centralized
solutions has exposed vulnerabilities to cyberattack risks, further exacerbated by
regulators’ limitations in preventing cybercrimes.

Significance and Disruptive Impacts

The digital asset industry will increasingly emphasise cybersecurity, with broader
mainstream adoption and regulators’ calls for investor protection. To this end, all
stakeholders – innovators, institutions, regulators – will join forces to integrate and adopt
next-gen cybersecurity protocols.

Expectation for 2022

  • CeFi and DeFi will join forces
    Increasing awareness – As cybersecurity is one of the key prerequisites for the
    mainstream adoption of digital assets, DeFi, CeFi and governmental institutions
    will join forces to bolster cybersecurity.
  • New cybersecurity solutions will go to market
    2022 could see the release of new cybersecurity frameworks and solutions that
    are customized for digital assets. In the future, strengthened cybersecurity
    alliances, enhanced cybersecurity insurance coverage and solutions will further
    safeguard the interests in the digital asset ecosystem and enhance users’
  • …Driven by end-market demand
    This is especially true if decentralised protocols are positioned to continue to
    attract interest from traditional finance, which places a significant premium on
    security. This could incubate a crypto-security sub-ecosystem that grows
    alongside the broader digital asset industry. Cybersecurity should be considered
    as important as product innovation in digital assets.

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